Non-Authentic items in MP?

  1. I am just curious,
    What if someone or myself saw an item in the MP and thought it was not authentic?

    Would it be considered rude if we were to ask the seller?

    I wouldn't want to offend anyone, but if there were to be any case that I saw an item, but somehow thought it may not be Authentic( or any doubts), does anyone say anything or do you just stay quiet bc u don't want to offend the seller?

    I know that prior to acess acceptance into the MP, mods try to only accept people who have an active interest in the MP and been on here for a certain amount of time...

  2. Please report the bag in question to Selena and me by clicking the [​IMG] icon by the post, and we'll look into it. Obviously, fakes are about as strong of an offense as it gets in the MP.