Non-Alcoholic Bar Strategies

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  2. Um . . . order a Sprite (or 7-Up) with lemon?
  3. The old tried and true-club soda w/lime, any soda, cranberry juice w/soda, "virgin" mixed drinks if you can see them being made-
  4. The post is deleted, but I assume it's about non-alcoholic drinks in a bar setting? I don't drink alcohol, and I don't "pretend" drink--I get a diet Coke, or a club soda w/lime, both of which I like, and go on about my business. At one time I thought people would wonder about what I was or wasn't drinking and realized that most people don't notice and don't care. Not making assumptions, but if it's hard to be in this environment and not drink alcohol, simply don't go there. Again, not making assumptions, but PM me if you'd like.
  5. The OP did get deleted :shrugs: But this is a good thread!

    I do not drink either Boxermom... I am allergic to wheat which is in a ton of drinks, and alcohol just makes me feel really weird- I don't like it. So I don't drink ever. Vlad does, but I am fine to go out socially when people drink and I don't. Depending on your age, it may be harder to go out and not drink, but you can always 'mask' it a bit with a drink you order.
  6. I don't really drink either.

    Whenever I am at the Cheesecake Factory, I HAVE to get a bellini though!! OMG HEAVEN!!!! :smile:
  7. I never, ever have anything to drink, not even a drop if I am driving. And, if I do have a drink at other times, it's only a glass of white wine. So, that means I order diet cokes or San Pellegrino water. I've never thought about how this appeared to others who are enjoying their alcohlic drinks.
  8. you're right. no one notices (or really cares, for that matter). if i DO happen to notice someone drinking water or a pop, i usually assume they're the designated driver.

    if i happen to be the driver for that night, i stick with diet coke (and pop is usually free, hehe). i have a surprisingly low tolerance for alcohol and can't drive with even one drink.
  9. If i'm not in the mood to drink but meeting friends at a bar, i drink water... no biggie...
  10. I am right there with you, I used to think people thought less of me when they were busy getting waisted but now - I really don't care, I am proud not to drink -not killing my brain cells, not killing my liver, etc....Hell, my husband drinks enough for the both of us! HA!HA!

    Drink options -coke, virgin daquri, shirley cocktail, etc..
  11. ^ No one should really drink even one drink and drive. You can be given a DUI even for that :yes:
  12. in theory, yes. but we all know people don't really pay attention to that.

    i have guy friends who have a VERY high tolerance for alcohol and they swear they can drive fine with one beer or so. but it still freaks the heck outta me when they tell me that!
  13. i've been on all sides of the fence (drinker, non drinker, cocktail server). most bars/bartenders want to keep their patrons safe 1) so they come back and spend more money and 2) don't get the bar in trouble. if you're in a group and one of the few (or the only) non drinker, most bartenders (not all, but most) will happily give you free non alcoholic drinks as long as they're easy (no virgin daquiris, but diet coke/coffee? sure.) it's nice though to still tip per drink, especially if it's busy. even if it's water, he or she is still serving you.

    i usually stick to coffee, diet coke or tonic with lots of lime when i'm not drinking. people always notice, but i really don't care. :smile:
  14. good point. ALWAYS tip, even if you're just having water or a diet coke. who knows, next time you're there and you're drinking, they might remember you and you could score a free drink again! haha.
  15. You ever try a Georgia Peach from there?

    It's got: Absolut Vodka, Peach Liqueur and Peaches Swirled with Raspberries

    And if you order it as a virgin, then it's a peach, raspberry slushie!