non-acetone polish remover works on tough vernis scuffs!


over the moon
Aug 8, 2007
So over the Thanksgiving weekend, I ended up getting 2 big greyish scuff marks (each about 2") on my beloved amarante Rosewood. :crybaby:I was so upset, because with my bags I'm sort of the anal type of person who notices every little detail and gets quite bothered by even the slightest scratch, stain or scuff (heh, i'm glad i don't own a car, LOL).

anyways, I did a search on here and found that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser worked well on vernis scuffs, so I went to the nearest store and bought one. But that didn't do a thing. :sad: I tried regular soap and water, and rubbing it with a cloth, but nothing. The scuffs looked pretty well-set in there..they almost looked like paint or something..i think they were from rubbing against a car or something else that had some paint on it. Anyway, after all that I was pretty much discouraged, and told myself I just had to leave with it. But then I read somewhere that non-acetone nail polish remover works on patent leather scuffs. So after getting home I bought a bottle of non-acetone nail polish remover and this morning I tried it, and IT WORKED!!!! :yahoo:The scuffs are GONE! And NO DAMAGE TO THE VERNIS! Woo!!

I really wish I had taken before & after pictures, but I'm currently w/o a digital camera (cell phones don't take good close-up pics). The transformation was really amazing. I just thought I'd mention it here, in case anyone is wondering what else besides Magic eraser works on vernis scuffs, or if they're too worried if the remover will damage the vernis (that was my main concern, which is why i waited a bit to try it). I just applied a small bit of the remover with a Q-tip directly to the scuff, then rubbed with with the LV wiping cloth that usually accompanies the darker vernis bags. The scuff initially "smeared" a bit but then after reapplying remover and wiping it, it eventually all came off! :smile: :yes:

Also I thought I should mention that I used NON-ACETONE nail polish remover. The kind I used was Cutex, purchased for $1.49 at Target. I've never tried the acetone version but I think that may be too strong and could potentially damage the vernis (making it dull and less shiny).

Hope this helps someone! :yes:


Bag Pervert!
Feb 25, 2006
OMG i sooo needed this advice. My Vernis wallet has a few pen marks on, i shall have to hunt down some Non-Acetone nail polish remover!!!

Thank you for shareing!