Nomade wallet for men

  1. hi all,

    has anyone ever bought this wallet? i'm considering one for my DH and just wanted to hear some opinions. it looks so lucious online (c/o tia!
  2. i personally dont like the line, ive never seen anything IRL becuase the stuff on the internet never intrests me. I have a multiple in mono and love it to death, the design is great cos you can see id without taking it out of the sleeve. if that comes in nomade i suggest that style of wallet i love it
  3. It's gorgeous, and because its leather it's definitely more durable. I really like the honey brown colour - I was going to buy this for my brother but he did point out that it was pretty pricey, he opted for a canvas billfold instead.
  4. I'm using it, and I'm loving it.
    I was so lucky that I managed to bought the last unit of this nomade with 6 card slot in caramel colour !!