Nomade Speedy and other speedys

  1. hi all,
    I was just looking at the Nomade speedy on eLux. I was wondering if anyone has this one and how it compares to the speedys one might see on a daily basis.

    Any one have the nomade speedy?
    I don't own a speedy at all so I was hoping someone might be familiar.

  2. I think it looks beautiful but the nomade is very prone to scratches. It does gain a very nice patina over time but I think the first scratch might kill me! =)
  3. I can't recall anyone on tPF with nomade at all. Please correct me everyone if I am wrong....

    It is gorgeous, but so fragile. The SAs are suppose to wear gloves when they show it. I know some of the SAs at my store won't do it, they say how can we sell it if we wear gloves?!
  4. I love the Nomade it's no different than the all vachetta bag. Yes, it's prone to scratching because it's all leather.
    Think Matt, bought one for his mom for christmas, might ask him.
  5. There's one girl who comes here occasionally named Lindsay and I think she MIGHT have one but I can't be certain. I know her from the myspace group and I was pretty sure she had said she had one. I'll have to find out for sure :smile:
  6. My friend bought the Nomade Lockit the Horozontal one and I was worried about it getting scratched but she uses it a lot and has yet to have any problems at all with it. its so GORGEOUS!
  7. It's pretty bag but I haven't seen Pfer with it.
  8. :confused1: I thought nomade lockits are available only in vertical and regular shape

    Nomade is one of my favourite lines. I think it will look good little bit scratched, nice vintage feel. I want keepall, TDF!!;)
  9. ^Yeah, that's what I feel too. Would make a beautiful vintage patinae bag.
  10. oops! yeah Vertical durrrrr lol.

    she also has the keepall, its flawless, it just takes some extra care, its worth it
  11. They have it in a case at the boutique I shop at (same one Tink does) and it is LOVELY. I would be more paranoid using that than naked vachetta.
  12. I saw the Nomade in the display window a few months back... and it had scratches on it already.

    Haven't seen anyone with it IRL though.
  13. That's who I automatically thought of!!! :smile:
  14. It's so gorgeous! I love how the color of the leather just seems to glow. I haven't gotten the Alma yet because I keep going back and forth between that and an Hermes Bolide. :confused1: I know I'd have to baby the Nomade Alma but I think it would be worth it. :love:
  15. I like the keepall too....I thought it would be cool to get one and just let it sit in the sun for a long time for a good patina....but I already have too many big bags :sad: