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  1. Can anyone tell me how much this is? [​IMG]
  2. This bag costs....years of your life worrying about scratches. Loads of worry lines obsessing over weather forcasts looking for any sign of rain or mist and at least a few sleepless nights wondering if you should take it out of the safety of your home...........
    Ohhhhh you probably wanted a dollar amount, sorry no idea but I'm sure Dickies will know the price of this gorgeous bag.
  3. If I converted my euros right... this is an estimate not approx but I am usually only like $10-30 off so bare with me

    Speedy, Lockit, and Alma : $2075

    Lockit Vertical : $3k plus

    again these are estimates but I am usally fairly close with prices like I said, could be $10-30 off more or less...
  5. The Alma, Speedy and Lockit are $2.1k, just saw them on elux.
  6. xpensive
  7. Nice but it'll get destroyed so easily, such a showpiece.
  8. so so sooo gorgeous!
  9. its so pretty omg!
  10. The nomade bags are stunning IRL:heart: My SA said that they are releasing leather care products for the nomade bags....I hope it is soon:yes:
  11. Very pricey though!
  12. I take it this leather is like the vachetta? :sad:

    What a beautiful bag!
  13. this bag is a beauty! this will probably sound silly to most of you but i was wondering why lv doesn't treat the leather as other bag makers do so that it is not so delicate. i feel they have a reason for this but i am not at all knowledgable on that reason. anyone know anything about this? also does this version of the speedy have sag issues? thanks! queen
  14. it's not like the vachetta, but nomad gets scratched so easily.
  15. here you go right off elux.




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