Nomade Sac Plat or Portfolio GM?

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  1. Hi guys and gals! I am thinking of getting the Nomade Sac Plat when I saw this beauty....the Nomade Portfolio GM! I am now facing a crisis because both of them look soo delicious in their own way im like dying here. BOTH ARE DAMN HOT:P
    002-louis-vuitton-fall-winter-2012-alasdair-mclellan.jpg M80128_PM1_Detail-view.jpg M80127_PM1_Detail-view.jpg
  2. they are both fabby!!! but if you tend to dress up more i think the sac plat is better!!! but.... they are BOTH so chic, classic and i'm jealous :greengrin:
  3. Sac plat sac plat sac plat sac plat sac plat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The Portfolio is kind of cool. But it doesn't look like it holds much?

    The Sac Plat is To. Die. For. :tup:

    I agree...As an evening bag perhaps?

  6. Ha!! Go for it, can't wait to see your reveal!! I love the pics of it.. I couldn't find it on the website... :noggin:
  7. GRRR GRRR GRR...I SAW THE PICS ON THE WEB but it said only available in LV boutiques srsly considering it bcuz on the website it says its a Fall Winter 2012 collection item and a seasonal item from LV is TDF!
  8. Get it get it get it!!!! I dare you to!!! :smile:
  9. MY WISHLIST IS NOW OVER 3 PAGES!!!!! DO YOU HOW BAD THAT IS? I think i am going to lol...:panic:
  10. Don't worry my Christmas list is going able to go round the globe three times by now... :panic: :panic: :panic:
  11. My parents are soo NOT going to be happy with my spending lol...I just splurged 3000 bucks on a Burberry Prorsum bag from this season last month ..Now sisters don't spend as much as I do!!!!
  12. Damn!!!! You are gonna be busted big time... For me I haven't shopped since December last year.. Time to make up the lost time!! :graucho:
  13. I saw this bag last month in Milan and whilst it is a pretty bag, these are its cons:

    1) smaller than the regular sac plat
    2) open top
    3) cannot store much
    4) Nomade leather is delicate
    5) too expensive