Nomade pochette wallet.....

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  1. do any of you have photos (or even own!) the nomade pochette wallet??

    the photos of it on do not load... and while eluxury does list it and you can see the thumbnail, the item is "unavailable."

    i love nomade leather, it's absolutely gorgeous.... yet i know i'd never spend $700 on a wallet (absolutely absurd) ...but there's no harm in looking/..... right?? :P

  2. I saw this in store last week and I loved it ... it also came with the red dustbag...I adore nomade too:love:
  3. Does it only come in the color that's on elux? I saw it before it went out of stock - lovely :heart:
  4. Ohh Nomade is heavenly.:heart:
  5. I looove the Nomade line.:heart: I think a pochette wallet in Black would be gorgeous. I'm waiting for LV to release a Black Speedy 25 in the line. Wishful thinking, I know. lol.:P
  6. I also saw the nomade koala wallet but prefer the style of the pochette wallet:heart:
  7. i think it only comes in one color:love:
  8. Lovely, but scary.
  9. Both styles also come in black.
  10. Funny but true. :lol:
  11. Hope this helps

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  12. so gorgeous,... thanks!
  13. why not special order one?? :nuts: