Nomade Leather

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I was wondering if Blackrocks and Obenaufs can be used on nomade, which is similar to vachetta, can they be used on vachetta?

    Why have they not been mentioned in LV FAQs? or do I miss them?
  2. Yes, Blackrocks and Obenaufs can be used to condition both Nomade and Vachetta. Over on the Hermes subforum Docride has a thread detailing how to apply these products.
  3. #18 Aug 17, 2012
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2012
    Do you think Blackrocks and Obenauf will take out a wrinkle or crease in Nomade?

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  4. The Blackrocks will condition and soften the leather a bit, a wrinkle or crease could be less visible but not sure. You could try and see if it works.

    I haven't used Obenaufs on my Nomade though.
  5. I used the Nomade leather kit sold by Louis Vuitton and although it conditions the leather the wrinkles stay. I don't think they can be removed.
  6. Has anyone viewed the men A/W 2012 nomade items?