Nomade Leather

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  1. Silly question as usual but what specifically is Nomade Leather and why is it so expensive (well more expensive:P)

    Is it harder to get, rare animal?

    Please help
  2. Hi, here's a quote from our leather care expert docride in the H forum.
  3. ^The vachetta is much more sensitive with waterspots and stains.

    I've used my Nomade wallet/agendas/key holder since fall (pic) and it's really durable. I spilled water on the leather and managed to get chocolate on the agenda when munching on a chocolate bar :shame:

    -Everything just wiped off though, it seems much more durable than vachetta. The key holder is out in all weather too when opening the front door.

  4. Seems worth the money :P
  5. Nomads leather is pretty anyone else have any to share?
  6. I just took some closeup pics of the Nomade key holder compared to the small agenda. I have not babied the key holder at all, it's been in a pocket with other keys for 6 months. It has darkened a little and surface has changed some from all the handling. It's meant to look a little worn with time though according to my SA, but some conditioner would freshen it up now I think.


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  7. Isn't it just divine - my husband has the Nomade organiser on his wishlist, we are going into the store in May let's see what he comes home with. Nice pieces - thanks for sharing.
  8. Love Nomade leather! I have a zippy wallet and also find that it is more durable and stain resistant then all vachetta pieces. I would love to get a Speedy 30 in Nomade someday:smile:
  9. Nomade zippy wallet is great, I use mine all the time :smile: I've now asked docride for Rx on the key holder above, perhaps she recommends the B&O treatment?

    The Nomade speedy is really lovely, here's a great LV ad ;)

  10. I also asked for Docs advice on caring for Nomade:smile:. She recommended the standard treatment of Blackrocks and Obenaufs that we use on our VVN pieces. It seems to nourish the leather and even out any scratches or dryness. I like the results very much and it only darkens the color very little.
    The LV ad for the Nomade Speedy is gorgeous! I missed getting one when they were around the first time so I am always looking for one that is pre owned! I love the caramel color of the leather-so pretty!
  11. Yes docride recommended Blackrock contitioner. I put on two layers and it looks great now :biggrin: I'm sure Nomade will last a lifetime with some care.


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  12. Just beautiful! The color is amazing! :smile:
  13. Hmmm .... I think Nomade is like Barenia in Hermes. I love the color but will probably too afraid to use it. It's not because the leather isn't durable but I dislike seeing stains and marks on it.

    The last time I heard, LV is not going to produce anymore items in Nomade.
  14. Don't be afraid to carry bag made of Nomade leather. It is more durable than Vachetta, hide stain better, the color is gorgeous and yummy!
    Somewhat like Barenia in Hermes, and I carry/use my Hermes Barenia and LV Nomade.