Nomade leather

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  1. What do you all think of it??? (new ad on the LV site..) It think its a fabulous color! Is it like Epi leather OR like Patina...what? Have you seen it IRL?
  2. I love it...I love the orange
  3. i think it's like patina-ed leather. if you go to the Louis Vuitton website and go to their catalog, they show closeups of a bag when you rest your mouse on a particular line. the Nomade leather looks smooth; i think it could be a lot of work taking care of it.
  4. My impression as looks like it would scratch just looking at it. Love the caramel color though!!!
  5. I'm scared of the possibility of scratches. :sad:
  6. It's quite nice and will scratch like crazy (according to SA showing display pieces that have some quite serious scratches just from being handled lightly)...
  7. love the color!
  8. Scratches would 100% happen thats why Im keeping away from it
  9. I love the Nomade line but I would be too afraid of scratches and getting it dirty to enjoy the bag :crybaby:
  10. Nomade is vachetta leather tanned with plant extracts. I am dissappointed that it scratches so easily.