Nomade Koala Bracelet

  1. Does anyone own this? If yes, do you like it? Yesterday I purchased this in black along with the Groom Port Round and the Saleya MM (I had recently ordered the PM but I thought it was a bit on the small side for me).

    Anyway, just curious what you all thought about it.
  2. i bought one for my son. its very sleek!
  3. I bought this but in black MC. It felt weird so I returned it. :P
  4. I have it...I LOVE IT!
  5. are the sizes based on width or length? what would fit a male wrist?
  6. It depends how thin your wrists are. I got a small and it still slid up and down my wrists... :P

    Hmmm... maybe a medium?
  7. yea Im a guy with average wrists and I think this would be nice in black for me, but how wide is it? my wrists are around 18-19 cm, would that work?
  8. So I am assuming that this is more of a masculine look. Any women that own and wear this?
  9. I'd totally wear this. It could go either way really - it could look nice and sleek and professional with business clothes, or a little edgy-rocker-chic with jeans and black leather boots. Excellent choice, Becca!
  10. pics please!!!???
  11. It says unisex but it is in the womens section, umm I'm thinking its great for a woman just as it is gor a guy because it is very rocker girl IMO. very trendy for either sex.
  12. Bonjour, here are pictures. I bought the SMALL size. Date dote SN0016. Very very cute.