Nomade Alma, should I?

  1. Today when DH and I went to LV we took a look at the Nomade Alma and I fell in love! :love: It is so gorgeous, but I know I'd have to be extremely careful with it to avoid scratches. DH really liked it and said I should get it in a few months (need to save up). Should I go for it and just deal with the scratches/patina that will come or do you all think I should just pass? It is just the perfect color and I love the gold hardware. Eeeek, what should I do? :shrugs:
  2. I would personally pass... but if you really like it that much, then by all means get it!!! :P

    At least you'll know that no one else has one... yet. ;)
  3. This is something that only you know the answer to.
    How are you with your bags? Do you treat them like baby or you make them work? What kind of weather do you live in? Does it rain alot in your neck of the wood? Finally, are you talking about Nomade leather (which is already tanned and is ultra smooth) or did you mean a Vachetta ALma?

    If it was me, I'd go for it. But I wouldn't buy it new as unfortunately it does not hold its value long since so many people are afraid of "too much" Vachetta. And if you were to sell, you'll have a huge loss.

    It's a toughie! :P But I am sure you'll make the right decision (for you) :biggrin:

    GL with your decision!
  4. I would go for it as I really want the nomade vertical lockit:P I love the style of the bag and my SA said that they are releasing a leather care range for the new nomade styles. I adore the nomade bags:love:
  5. Good advice so far...

    Jo Jo said it best, you know how you are with your bags....

    Honestly, I would pass....but I am horrid to my bags, please don't call the PPU (purse protection unit) on me.
  6. The nomade leather is really fragile
  7. I saw one lady purchase a Nomade Lockit, its gorgeous. I love the Nomade, but then for the price and the scratches, I say pass. It comes in two dustbags x__x
  8. 2 dust bags???:nuts: why?
  9. When I looked at the nomade lockit pm and vertical they both only had one RED dustbag. I still think is it stunning piece that you can make your own;)
  10. i love Nomade and i'd say go for the Alma. i think scratches and marks are normal - it gives them character. unless you're the type who buys the bag, uses it for a bit and then sell later. when i see other people treating their LV like it was made of eggshells i'd automatically think they can't afford it in the first place. i know this sounds very snooty of me... but think about it. it defeats the point of these bags being luxury items in the first place.
  11. If you can take care of it and really want it, then go for it. Personally, I would pass. I would be too stressed out each time I used it.:hysteric:
  12. Thanks everyone! I think I'm going to save up and go for it. :yahoo: I never sell my LVs so I wouldn't have to worry about resale and I am not hard on my bags. So I think it should be ok? It's just so pretty...I thought about it all last night. I am in love. :love:
  13. I am so glad you said this, I think this but never say
  14. I would get it! I think is fabulous!
  15. I think it's a gorgeous bag and I can't wait to see pics of it!