1. *I posted this in Handbags & Purses by mistake, I wanted it in here, sorry*

    Hello everybody!

    I wanted to know if anybody has the Nolita handbag (I saw it on eLUXURY and fell in love with it) and, if they do have it, I would love to see some pictures of it. (thanks in advance):biggrin:

    I really want the Nolita but, I'm also eyeing the Tulum GM, Manhattan GM, and Cabas Mezzo.

    I just can't decide what bag I will purchase next.

    So many decisions.
  2. Wow, that's quite a list :graucho: You have great taste.I don't have a Nolita but I just wanted to welcome you to the forum :biggrin:
  3. Hi and welcome! I have the Nolita and the Manhattan GM! I love them both. Attached are two pics. Both bags are in the back row. Sorry I don't have better pics. The pics on are actually quite good and accurate. I'm biased so I'd recommend getting these two bags. But if I HAD to choose, I'd get the Manhattan GM because it has the alcantara lining :love: .
    Picture 001a.jpg Picture 003a.jpg
  4. Thank you pursegalsf and abaglover for the welcome and, thanks again abaglover for sharing your pictures (and I love your Mandarin Alma!:biggrin:).
  5. Welcome! I have the Tulum GM which I use as a messenger bag only.
  6. Oh, I also have the Cabas Mezzo which is great if you have a need for a zipper closure and tons of room!
  7. I would go for the Manhattan GM
  8. Love your damier collection. Nolita looks very unique,I like the zip around so it is easy to get in and out. Is this bag too dressy look cuz I know it is hand held only? I am interested in it for a while, but haven't seen it even once here around in bay area though..How do you like it?Would it be too boxy? Sorry about so many questions.:heart: