Nolita 24

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  1. Anyone have the Nolita 24 in the new Floral Print? I received a 30% off for mother's day and I am thinking about ordering it with the mini skinny. I thought it might look nice to carry to a wedding.

    I don't live close enough to a Coach store to see it in person.

    What do you gals think?
  2. This is the dress I will be wearing to the wedding.

  3. Is it a wristlet? I'm not caught up with Coach and I just googled it. It looks cute and I love what you'll be wearing. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1461935314.014358.jpg
  4. The dress is very pretty and the floral print is very feminine looking! I think they would look great together :smile:
  5. Yes, it is the floral wristlet. It looks like an Ivory/White Color with Pink & Gold Flowers #65152.
  6. Thanks, I thought that too and it is a purse I could use anytime. I didn't want to buy a dressy/formal looking purse that I would not carry very often.
  7. I like it. Would look great with the outfit.
  8. That is a lovely dress. My son is getting married in November and I am thinking about a dress not at all formal as it is an afternoon wedding.
  9. I think the dress and the Nolita would go perfect together. Very pretty combination.
  10. That is a stunning dress! The Nolita will be fine with it. :smile: