Noix & Sandstone GGH pics from Swissflower

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  1. THANKS SWISSFLOWER! NOIX IT IS! :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  2. Thanks for sharing!
    I am digging this Noix colour hard! :love:
  3. I think this is not an accurate picture of sandstone. Sandstone is warmer and beiger and lighter than noix. I still prefer sandstone!!!!!!
  4. ITA:woohoo:I already told that sandstone is a beige with an hint of pink/GRey ...noix is a light brown,darker IRL than pictures
  5. Two words! Beautiful Noix!
  6. Ah, ok. It's so hard to tell in photos. Thanks!
  7. Will post pic of the noix work with ggh very soon, hang on.!!
  8. i just saw NOIX today at the store today and the color is absolutely not what i had expected. it is darker than sandstone with a tinge more brown and a strange lilac undertone... the undertone really bothers me :sad:
  9. here's the pic of the Noix GGH Work that Swissflower got from her SA... have tissue ready for the :drool: :biggrin:

    btw, i find that some bal stores don't have very good lighting to do the bag justice!

  10. Is sandstone = galet?
  11. beaux, nope. galet is light grey whereas sandstone probably has some beige tones (haven't seen on IRL)
  12. :sad::shucks:i am agree with you:i also had the same thoughts when i saw it in i suppose you didn't buy it ;)right?
  13. sandstone is a light beige with grey/pink undertones very similar to mastic 07 but less beige....:love::heart:
  14. Its true that some Bal store lightings really distort the color of the bag!

    I tried editing the picture a little, this probably shows the true color better:

    The GGH combo is really :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. Thanks for that ... this colour is so hard to judge from photos because it can look so different. I loved the pic from Cult Status (?) where it showed as a true walnut type of colour, but all the pics I've seen since then have shown it much lighter. It's exiting to see your edited picture and see that the colour is much darker in real life than in photos!