Noix & Sandstone GGH pics from Swissflower

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  1. is darker and more brown than ss for sure...but it is a very interesting brown(someone described it as"ovaltine" and it is just the same:sunnies
  2. Noix GGH looks awesome!!! Congrats!!

    But it is not so similar to Sandstone actually (According to all Sandstone pictures), Sandstone GGH is :nuts::drool:, no wonder it is CG's HG!
  3. wow, both are very beautiful!
    I think the noix is quite a bit darker in RL, in the noix pic there is flash used I think, but the pic of the sandstone is without flash.. thats why they look similar :smile:
  4. i love the Noix too.congrats!!
  5. Gorgeous combo! Congrats
  6. The Noix is beautiful! So is the Sandstone! Congrats on two awesome beauties!
  7. *J* , Big congrats on your gorgeous new bag! Thanks so much for the comparison pics!
    I love Noix with GGH !
  8. OMG CRAP! UGH! Why does Balenciaga do this to me!?
  9. Imlvholic, this bag I do not have yet, so I have not seen Noix IRL.
    I was told it is similar to Sandstone, if it is darker, I would still love it.
  10. Aw.. so lovely!
  11. Very nice! The color is so close to sandstone! How is the leather?- it looks GREAT in the photo.
  12. Great neutral color, beautiful!
  13. My heart literally skipped a beat when I opened this thread and saw the Noix GGH! Oh my heavens, THIS IS the next bag! It is gorgeous! I've been dying for sandstone GGH but if Noix is darker, I won't mind at all.

    "J" Congrats!! Do you know if there are Days with GGH?
  14. Saff, no daybags with ggh this season, don`t know why??
  15. Noix with GGH is really beautiful - wish I could afford another bag right now.....