Noix & Sandstone GGH pics from Swissflower

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  1. Swissflower's unveiling of Noix GGH City


    compare to Sandstone GGH Work

  2. Love the Noix! I just love seeing all the pics coming in ... can't wait until I get mine and I hope it has the same awesome leather. In all the pics I've seen, the leather seems to be very similar.

    Nice to see the comparison between Noix and Sandstone. They look very similar in these pics!

    Thanks for posting the pics!
  3. I love them both and the leather is tdf, absolutely lovely!
    Congrats, I am really a happy way! :hugs::yahoo:
  4. omg it is very similar to my beloved sandstone:nuts:..... big :P troubles for me
  5. wow, those do look very similar!
  6. Thanks m-s-m-d for posting this so quickly!!
    I am so excited!!
  7. They do look similar. Could we have a side-by-side picture?
  8. I like Noix better! It has more depth, unless that's a washed out pic of sandstone.
  9. i didnt know that they look so similar!!! thank you for your pic!

    and congratulations to Swissflower on getting a noix ggh city! the leather looks so soft & moist! i love this kind of leather!!!
  10. i'veseen both colours irl and noix is darker than swissflower pictures IRL...unfortunately (for me!) i still prefer sandstone:Push::coolio:
  11. WOW. congrats on the noix. the leather is thick and moist = TDF.
  12. Noix GGH is a nice combo! Looks like a warm neutral color for the coming Fall.
  13. WOW! I love that GGH NOIX Combo & the leather is awesomely wrinkly, just the way I like it. I think this is the 1 for me this season...
  14. Swissflower, is that picture of your Noix the actual true color? Is that taken w/ flash or without? I really want this combo now. :sweatdrop:
  15. Wow, they really are similar. Though like Chloeglamour said, I have a feeling Noix is a bit darker irl. Still, both are gorgeous!