noix or charbon

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noix or charbon

  1. noix

  2. charbon

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  1. Hi girls, decisions please.

    Noix or charbon?
    Which color is more versatile? thanks
  2. Charbon gets my vote. A rich brown :yes:
  3. I haven't seen Noix IRL, but Charbon is very nice - very close to '05 Chocolate.
  4. I think noix looks stunning from the photos I have seen here - both are beautiful, but I like noix a tiny bit more.
  5. Noix for me. It reminds me of milky ovaltine.
  6. Noix!
  7. Wow, tough. I have Noix and it's really versatile. Can be dressed up or down. Goes with just about most colours. Quite a unique taupish brown. I had charbon and I loved the rich brown. I do think Charbon is the more versatile than Noix, however. You can get Charbon in most seasons though. Noix is limited. Something to consider perhaps.
  8. I love Noix. It is a nice mid-tone brown. Because it is lighter than Charbon, I think it is more versatile. It looks great with black, brown, navy, etc. whereas I wouldn't pick Charbon to wear with black or navy.
  9. I like both, currently have both and it depends on the bag. Charbon is a beautiful brown that has really nice leather character and Noix is a grey beige and with no yellow tinge. Both colors are very versatile.
  10. I love noix - unusual color and still as versitile as charbon
  11. how about praline? wad do u ladies think of this color?

    its such a gorgeous color but im a little afraid after my lilac city had warming of handles and color tfrs and fading!!!
  12. I've had both.. and personally prefer Charbon over Noix :smile: Can't go wrong with either though~!
  13. I love Noix .. it's one of the colours I regret not getting (I got Chataigne instead which is also nice, but although that colour is also nice, Noix had been my first choice and I wish I had stuck with it).
  14. could anyone teach me how to add an extra one for the poll?

    I would like to include PRALINE!
  15. Noix