Noix GGH Day - Does it exist?

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  1. I've heard that Bal is not coming out with GGH Days in F/W. Is this true for all colours or just certain ones?

    I think I NEED Noix in Day style. If GGH is not available, has anyone seen Noix with SGH? And where can I get one?

  2. I would like to know as well. My understanding is this: in the USA Bal Boutiques did not order day bags with GGH. I can't answer for Europe or other Countries/Continents. I am sure someone else will have an answer for you especially since you "NEED" one:biggrin:.
  3. Thanks, Bags4Me2! I really do feel this time the NEED. Haha!
  4. Saff, will post pic of the work Noix with ggh later today!
    I have not seen the gsh version yet.
  5. I've been asking around for GGH days for the new colors, and so far there are none made. I really wish there is! Cannes, and Milan don't have any either.
  6. i was hoping to see some GGH days to go can they not making this style! all the new colors will look so great in GGH day!
  7. I want to see NOIX w/ SGH, too before I make up my mind on the NOIX. Right now, I'm in love w/ the GGH but I'm curious on the SGH Noix.
  8. Saff - I am stalking this thread! ^^
    I can relate to your 'need' - Noix GGH sounds awesome!
  9. ^^ I'm glad to have stalking buddies to keep me company. Still waiting for those pics! I got a response from Cult Status - they are getting Noix in 10 days and will send me pics of SGH hopefully. 10 DAYS!
  10. I bet this would be a lovely combo!