Noisy, squeaky Chains?

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  1. I recently purchased the black Jumbo Caviar Classic Flap. I really love this bag as Iam a recent flap convert. The only thing is the chains are so noisy - almost like squeaky. Is it the caviar with the chain combo the reason why it's so noisy? Has anyone else noticed this and does it bother you? I have the diamond stitch tote and I do not have the noisy chain issue. I assume it's because it is a softer leather? :shrugs:

    Thanks for your feedback!
  2. I have heard this many times but either the chains on my jumbo caviar don't squeak or they do and I can't hear it!
  3. I agree with the noisy chains on the jumbo classic flap. However, I didn't wear it long enough to see if the noise faded or the leather got flexible. I wonder if, over time, will it stop being so squeaky? I returned mine. I know what you mean about the diamond stitch tote not being squeaky.
  4. I am also wondering if the noise fades as the leather become more flexible over time. I will have to ask my SA next week.
  5. hmm thanks for the info.....
    need to know these types of facts
    isnt this forum great
  6. I have a near mint condition 3-series camera bag in beige caviar. It looks like it is in pristine condition! The chain looks new (shiny with no plating loss, leather looks new), however, when I handle the chain it squeaks a little...does anyone else have this problem? Is it a quick fix or would I have to have it replaced? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies and gents! :biggrin:
  7. That's because its hardly been used! All my jumbo flaps squeak when they are new then the leather gets "broken in" a bit after use. So.... use use use it.
  8. Even for a vintage bag? Well, that is good to know! It is beige which concerns me. I wonder if there is some sort of protector I can spray on it to prevent color transfer. Otherwise I will have to just live with the squeak because I tend to only use it on special occasions. I will take her out tomorrow if it is sunny! :smile: Thank you for the response!
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    Hello Chanel friends,
    I have a very random question. I purchased two classic Jumbo caviar double flap bags from my Nordstrom Chanel Boutique this year. Black with GHW and Beige with GHW. ( I know, so psyched!!)
    The black bag has the oddest noisy chain, kind of like a squeaky sound the patent bags made when carried. It's noticeably noisy. The gold bag doesn't have this issue. In fact, Ive had 2 people ask me what 'that sound' was.
    Has anyone had this issue before? Its a little embarrassing to 'squeak' when Im carrying her!
  10. There are threads on this if you do a search. I believe it'll go away with use? Congrats on your lovely new bags!! 😁
  11. Thank you Anasa, Ive been doing some searches and can't quite seem to find the threads. I'll keep hunting. I'll just have to realize I can't sneak up on anyone when Im carrying the black one! :lol::lol:
    Drives me crazy!
    I do love the bags, I treated myself big time :P
  12. ok, I just found a lot of squeaker threads. seems like there are an awful lot of singing caviar bags out there. We should start a band. :tunes::party::rochard::drinkup:
  13. Mine does that too. Bought it maybe a month ago or less, still squeaks. What search word did you use, may I ask? "Squeak?" :lol:
  14. One of my caviar flaps squeaked like that too. It is normal for caviar leather to do it and some people are OK with this sound. I was told that this noise will go away with use, but it did not even lessen after several months of use. I was very annoyed and embarrassed by that sound and I ended up selling this bag and getting a new one just like the one I sold that did not squeak. Now whenever I buy a caviar flap I make sure I get the bag where handles do not squeak.
  15. its normal....mine do/did the same thing.....just think of it as a sign that it is fresh and new....:smile:
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