Noisy Neighbors Part II. lol

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  1. Well, its me again! I posted a thread here a couple weeks ago reguarding my "noisy neighbors".

    Since that last incident, she was quiet for the next few weeks. Shes hardly home and if she is, she comes home real late and leaves before noon. Most of the time, when she does come home in the middle of the night, she slams doors and its not very pleasant when I get awakened from it.

    So, 2 nights ago my man & I were up til 6am because of me. I had a huge cup of coffee earlier that day and I was bouncin off the walls the whole nite basicly. [ not literally so dont even get any ideas!! lol ]

    Anywho. We were laying in bed watching tv and all of a sudden we heard the windows of our room vibrating.

    wtf? :hrmm:

    Aha! ...I then tiptoed out to the living room across the kitchen to confirm my curiousity. YES I actually placed my ears on the wall. hahah :push:

    Confirmed. They were doing the dirty once again. To the point where my windows VIBRATED!!!!! :yucky:

    Tiptoed back into the room and told my SO.." yep, it's on" .

    We then got up, and went out and started making breakfast & turned on the tv out there.

    I guess they heard us and finished up and then it was quiet the rest of the morning next door. :graucho:

    Innoccent Neighbor :jammin:
  2. "To the point where my windows VIBRATED!!!!!":throwup: OH MY!!!! I thought my old roommates were bad, but forget it...your neighbors are WORSE! I can't believe they are so obnoxiously loud!

  3. yes!!! lol its seriously vibrated and you can hear the windows going bam bam bam.

  4. Haha that's messed up. Hope she had fun at least ;)
  5. geeze!!! you are really quite patient, I wouldve been banging on the wall with a broomstick or something to hint to them to keep it down!!

    bam bam bam... hahhaa! the images!
  6. Vibrating windows? :wtf: What kind of stud is this guy???:confused1:

    Do you see your neighbor limping around later on?:s

    I don't know...if my windows were ready to shatter or something I might at least give her a look, like "I know- that you know- that I know...let's keep it under control now (look)":whistle:
  7. lol guys, i just got home from my daily errands & they were BOTH outside of their apt... I said HI and quickly went into my house. LOL

    He's a little skinny dude. [ there goes somethin for ya'll imaginations]

  8. bam bam bam :shocked::push: Ohhh boy lol!
  9. oh my :lol::sweatdrop:
  10. I heard it's the skinny ones that have the best 'gifts'. LOL oops!
  11. ha! had that same problem here recently but with the downstairs neighbors. i get more sound than rattling, but it's equally unpleasant. anyhow, my guy friend told me to put 2 cigarettes outside their apt. door with a note saying "thanks for the soundtrack, thought u might want these"...heeheehee :smile:

    not suggesting it now, but maybe...for the future? lol
  12. The joys of a multiple person dwelling.... :p

  13. hahahaha!!!
  14. Are they young and in a new love?!?! That is lots of action to make vibrations!
  15. :roflmfao: