"Noisy" Neighbors during then night..

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  1. I just moved into a new apt a few weeks ago and have constantly been awoken by my "noisy" neighbors ( if ya know what I mean) at like 3-6am.

    I am SURE that other should have similar experiences as well, how do u deal with this?! Or maybe you are one of these "active" people during the late nights? haha :sweatdrop:

    It's soooo disturbing when u know they're not trying to be discreet all the way...lol

    Last nite was the craziest one---I don't know what they were doing but MY SIDE OF THE ROOM WAS SLAMMING & VIBRATING. :wtf:

    I don't know if this posting is innappropriate- but if it is, just removie it...I just HAD to see what others with similar experiences have to say..

  2. Well, I have had a problem with noisy neighbors, but in my case, it was music. My neighbor is a late-nighter, sleep during the day, up at night, and during the night, I would always hear loud music and vibrating, and it drove me crazy!! So we just wrote a short, simple, and nice note, and taped it on their door. I haven't really heard music since.
    Maybe just write a note saying that you can hear noise from their apt., and it keeps you up at night, and if they can just be quiter at night.
  3. If you don't know your neighbors that well - could you contact your apartment manager and have them deal with the situation?
  4. I would say contact the landlord and see if they could possibly ask them to keep it down. I lived with a couple once and let me tell you we got some complaints (they used to throw things)....BAD EXPERIENCE!!!!
  5. Maybe they don't know that you can hear them. In that case, if they find out they will hopefully be embarassed and keep it quieter. On the other hand, they may know you can hear and get off on it. Or just not care. I hope it works out for you!
  6. LOL No, I don't plan on telling the landlord. I met her prior to moving in and introduced ourselves. Shes a cool girl & a single mom. I don't really mind---she gets BUSY like once a week. lol...

    I don't think I want to kill her moment(s).

    BUt yeah, if it was like this 7 nights a week, then I would have a problem. BUt i'ts only like once a week.

    Last nite I just left my living room and went into my bedroom to avoid the noises.
  7. wow 3 AM in the morning?? whew, I guess they got bored or something? I dont have any advice or anything, but if you have a SO, you could do the same to kinda show them how loud/noisy/obnoxious their behavior is!! sorry, i dont have any better advice!! goodluck ahha

  8. haha..yeah 3am! me and my SO were up late, he was studyin and I was watching a movie at that time. She got home at like 2ish and made all this noise with the door slamming. This boyfriend of her comes over everyweek as it seems to "visit" her.

    Its ok that u dont have any better advice..lol theres nothing you can realy do but cover ur ears . :roflmfao:
  9. When I was younger, i was staying in a hotel and there were a bunch of drunk people outside my room at like two in the morning. My dad just went out and yelled at them.

    My neighbors like to play in their band at the house next to me at like 10 at night. It got so bad sometimes, i called the police on them especially when i had company.
  10. omg...my condo neighbours are like that. one time, they wer so loud, they woke me up out of a really really deep sleep! that's how loud it was! thank god it doesn't happen very often.

    good luck ticklemethu!
  11. This reminds me of my friend in college... there was a very active couple in the dorm above her. She would take a broom to the ceiling when they got too loud. Haha! Maybe you could do something like that to let them know you hear?
  12. I read something like this in a girly magazine once. The person dealt with the situation by leaving a note on their door saying something to the effect of, "I'm glad you're so in love, but could you perhaps tone it down a notch?"
  13. ^HA!HA! I like the note idea..hee.hee...
  14. Or you can always go up to her and ask her for pointers...ROFLMAO....
    tell her you want to make noise too at 3 am..maybe that'll shut her up...hee.hee
  15. I live under an elephant... seriously, the woman walks around like she has cinderblocks attached to her feet.

    I've heard her having sex... at first I thought she was refinishing her floors... it sounded like a repetitive rubbing sound on the floor... then I figured it out when I heard the guy GROANING very loudly.

    I went up there once last year and told her that she walks around like she's 500lbs... she just ignored it... and i really think that sometimes she does crap at 4am to spite me..

    My advice? Try to put it out of your head and not pay attention to it, or it will drive you crazy. Listen to music, put your head phones on or something.