Noisy Manhattan PM

  1. How do you guys stop the chattering hardware on your Manhattan PM? I love my bag but can't stand the noise it makes. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Mine used to do that so I stuffed the front pockets with tissue my damier griet hardware likes to make noise when its sitting in the car but i cant' do anything about that... lol
  3. TxGlam,

    That's a great idea. I will try it. Thanks!
  4. Mine makes noise too! I thought maybe I just had some loose buckles or something. I do find that if I keep the pockets full of stuff, it makes less noise. The tissue paper is a great idea. I will have to try that.
  5. When I had mine, it would do that too, the buckles in the front. I found that if I put some stuff in there then it would be better. It never totally went away though, lol.
  6. I had forgotten about that clanking noise! Haha! I think the tip about the tissue paper would be helpful.
  7. denim speedy does the same thing.. I just got used to it.
  8. O.K. So you know that paper that you get inside the Marshall's bags? It is more firm than tissue paper. I tore some out of a bag that has that stuffing and put it into the little pockets and voila!!!!! No noise. Problem solved. Try it in the other bags that make the noise. Ahhhhh! Peace!
  9. I do that too!:tup:
    but now I don't mind the noise, it's cute as if the bag's talking to me lol *Music to my ears* lalallallallala
  10. lol that's a cute way to think of, haha...i dont mind it too much on my Griet so I ignore it...
  11. Yes... very cute way to think of it...... music to my ears. LOL
  12. I like the posh sound that my Manhattan PM! If it gets to be too much I just move contents of my purse like my cell phone or cosmetics into those pockets.
  13. You'll get used to it!