Noisette questions

  1. I am curious about noisette. Can anyone tell me -

    1. Is this color made in anything other than vache liagee, box, and chevre?

    2. What is the closest comparable color - does the color resemble aged natural barenia most closely?

    3. If anyone has a noisette piece, could you post a picture.

  2. I find it to be the exact color of aged natural Barenia, at least in box leather, which is all I have in noisette.
    Sorry I am not a picture taker, but I think it is a beautiful color.
  3. I have noisette in box, and will try to remember to post pics when I get a chance. Love this color...unusual color.....very warm. PM me if I don't remember to do this.
  4. oooh anyone have more pics? it's a really lovely color
  5. Here you go Jedimaster .. the dogon is Noisette but I am not sure what leather .. for sure it's not box or chevre .. maybe some of our experts could help out with that .. the second photo is a comparison with gold fjord. Hope this helps!:heart:
    001.JPG 002.JPG
  6. I have a 32 sellier Kelly in noisette VL but will have to downsize my pics to post! It is a lovely color!
  7. Here is Noisette in Chevre in a zipped Globetrotter; I see it mostly in smaller accessories these days like agendas, wallets, coin purses, and the like. I love this color--very rich.
  8. I always wonder why we don't seem to see a lot of pieces in this colour. I think it's stunning!
  9. ITA!! the color is so rich and gorgeous.. i'm thinking i'm going to have to put it on my wishlist!
  10. Thanks so much! I am with Loony, I wonder why this color does not get more airtime. The sales associates all seem to speak of it fondly but there is rarely anything that the stores have in it. Why is that? I take it that its a "staple", classic Hermes color.
  11. I think my shogun clutch is noisette, but I am not sure. I remain H-colour challenged despite my time spent at the boutiques :wondering. It's quite pretty in box and a great neutral IMO, but it often takes a backseat to gold/ebene/chocolate.

    clutch 1.JPG
  12. Thank you for sharing these pictures, lovely colour! LTC-That clutch is exquisite!
  13. OMG....that clutch is a work of art, IMO!
  14. More photos of Noisette from Janney. Box Birkin 35, VL Kelly 32 and VL Trim 35. Did I get that right Janney? Beautiful collection!
    birkinbox.JPG JANICE'S KELLY.jpg TRIM 35- (2).jpg