Noisette and Lavender Modelling pics

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  1. Here's new to my Biscayne bay PM in Noisette, which I haven't put down since she arrived last week, love this bag! And, Lavender Spring Street, which I'm completely afraid to

    The weight gain sucks... hopefully, after surgery it will go away...:sad: But, the bags totally make my day:yes:

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  2. Congrats! They look great with you :smile: I love the Vernis colours!
  3. Thank you Oroduin! I love your avatar! Hey, you have one of my most favorite bags in your 07 list, the Perle Roxbury...:drool: lucky girl!
  4. Gorgeous V!!!!!!!
  5. Thanks Twiggers!
  6. You look beautiful with your vernis!
  7. awww, thank you kitsunegirl
  8. Veronika, i like the Vernis very much too! I think i'll buy the Roxbury next week - instead of a Monogramm!:yes:
  9. awww, Spring Street...:tender: what a lovely purse it is...
    You look fantastic with both!! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. yep. I know whatcha mean... I just can't get around to that mono Sonatine or Speedy... i keep getting stuck in glam... the roxbury is fabulous! :tup: Which color are you getting??
  11. thank you! My grandmother's name was Mid, and whenever you post, I always think of Mid, now she was a total party girl! We all lived in New Orleans, man, I bet she had some LV, but I never really knew, she was my dad's mom... Here's to Mid!:heart:
  12. Congrats, the vernis is so elegant and beautiful! They look great on you, that lavendar is to die for! Enjoy them.
  13. soo pretty vee!!! love the spring street! youve gotta use it! its too pretty not to!!! congrats on both xx
  14. veryyy nice!
  15. Nice choices. I have always loved both of these bags. And the color on your spring street is goregous. And by the way you look great you don't need surgury. Congrats on your new purses.