Noir Paddington: do you prefer black stitching or white?

  1. Definately the white stitching makes the bag pop!!! The black is nice too, but I think the white stitching draws attention...
  2. i think so too!;)
  3. I love the black stitching, it rocks!:supacool:
  4. I prefer the black, makes it slightly edgy??

  5. Chakakhan-IMO, you should take a good look at your current bags and shoes, etc., and see if that's a detail that you happen to be attracted to. I happen to LOVE contrast stitching on my leather bags and shoes! To me, it makes my accessories a bit dressier looking and "pops" just like Ali said.

    But if you like a cleaner or less-fussy look to your accessories, then go with the black stitching because I also agree that it's much edgier looking and rocker-chic! Either way - both bags are GORGEOUS so let us know which one you decide on!
  6. I love the white stitching as I always have something white on somwhere and I like how it ties it in.
  7. Love the white stitching!!!
  8. love the White stitching
  9. I have the black stitching on mine. It's from '06...that said, the large travel sized paddy that I have from '05 has the lighter stitching...and my black US Shopper from '06 (discontinued) has the lighter stitching as well. Both are nice, but if I had to choose, I think I would like the dark stitching...:smile: ;)
  10. No suprises here, but I love the white stitching! I didn't realise till the other day but the last two black bags I bought both had white stitching..
  11. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that you can get an 06 with white stitching....
  12. I like the white for the contrast also!
  13. My vote is for black stitching... subtle classy!
  14. I like the black...less casual and more classic, day or night!