Noir or Bordeaux Mirage Speedy?


Noir or Bordeaux

  1. Noir

  2. Bordeaux

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  1. Guys, please help me decide...I wasn't too impressed with the black when I saw it today so am now leaning towards the bordeaux.
  2. I'd go for bordeaux. However I've seen none IRL.
  3. based on photographs on here I'd say bordeaux
  4. I chose bordeaux but I am still torn. :confused1:
    (I am so not good with choices.)
  5. I liked the black better IRL
  6. I like bordeaux better with the brown of the bag but I love the fading on the black Mirage!
  7. Bordeaux looks much better IMO.
  8. I have to tell you that after playing with the bordeaux Mirage Speedy yesterday, I would pick that color. It is so breathtaking! I haven't seen it in black, but the gradient effect on the burgundy color is amazing!

    If I had a choice between the two, and I actually saw both IRL, I would still say bordeaux --- the color pops a bit more than the black, I think.

    Good luck!!
  9. i'm WL for a black mirage. but i haven't seen any, IRL. i'm hoping that i made the right choice.
  10. At first I liked the Noir but that was BEFORE I saw the Bordeaux.

    If I had the money I would definitely get the Bordeaux. :tup:
  11. I'm getting black. I'm not a bordeaux person at all. I hope the black looks nice IRL.
  12. Hands down bordeaux!
  13. Bordeaux complements the brown much better IMHO.
  14. From the pics I've seen I prefer the bordeaux.:yes:
  15. I think they are both gorgeous! Just get ONE!