Noir Mirage Griet or Speedy?


Louis Vuitton Mirage noir Griet or Speedy?

  1. Griet?

  2. Speedy?

  3. Get both?

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  1. I have the Noir Mirage Griet but I cannot help lusting after the Speedy, am I mad? I know the Greit has huge impact but it is also very heavy for everyday use! Someone told me that it was the nicest LV bag they had ever seen. Am I being greedy wanting the Speedy also or just practical with the weight issues?
    Which bag do you prefer?
  2. Definitely the speedy, the griet is just so heavy ! It's such a stunning looking bag though.

    You could always look for the bordeau in the speedy and then they would be two very different looks (thereby negating any thoughts of greed !). :graucho:
  3. :roflmfao: I was never really a "red" person so it's black or nothing! I am big on the impact of the griet so it's a matter of does pride feel pain? :roflmfao:

  4. Well, pride is a renewable resource, but your shoulder might not be ! :nuts:
  5. Oh I love my speedy, its great for daily use... Do get it! :tup:
  6. I don't have either, but if I had to own one it'd definitely be the Speedy (although I'd pick bordeaux).
  7. LOL I know that's why I have to pay 50 a week for a massage :roflmfao:
  8. i've seen the griet IRL and i think its way too huge. i don't think i could use it everyday. i have a mirage speedy and i love it :smile:
  9. speedy!
  10. OMG! I am so depressed now, I paid all that money for the Griet & not one person has voted for it :sad:
  11. I say griet, beauty is pain! LOL
  12. I have the MC Griet and I love it!! I just got the ebene Berkeley which is kind of like the Speedy...but I use them both. Maybe I am the odd one, but I have no problem with the Griet being heavy. I guess that I just like the shape and look so much that I never notice the weight. Definitely enjoy your Griet....but maybe a Speedy with the Griet would be a nice addition to your collection.
  13. Thanks Sjunky & LVDevotee I am so glad that someone likes the Griet, it really is a stunning bag!
  14. i had a sa put it on my arm, it was hard not to buy it, the speedy is great too, but was easy to pass up. Greit is unbelivable! Let me know Rox when you want to get rid of her:p
  15. Speedy gets my vote!