Noir Mini Nikki Pebbled?

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  1. Thanks! I hope the pictures help - I'm just shy of 5' tall if you're looking for reference.
  2. Beautiful bag!
  3. very cute bag.. and it looks great on you!!
  4. I like the pebbled leather!

  5. gosh i love this noir leather on your nikki! i favor these natural variances that allow the beauty of the organic leather show through. while i like my night nikki because of its butter and smooth texture, i really prefer your noir's.

    yesterday i stumbled on a concord leather which appeared on another tpfer's rm. i think a concord may look great on another nikki. is the concord's deep and chewy texture similar to your noir?
  6. I haven't seen the concord in person, so I can't compare it directly, but if it's anything like the Noir, it might be hit-or-miss with the texture.

    The one I have is actually a replacement for one that I sent back (other story all together). The first one I got was definitely smooth.

    From the pics here, the Nikki looks gorgeous in concord! :tup:
  7. The bag looks gorgeous on you. I'm glad you decided to keep it. From all the NOIR bags i have seen, i think it is purposely made to have a slightly distressed texture. I have yet to see a Noir bag that is has a smooth texture.
  8. thanks for the link to the concord nikki. that's def on my list of rms. thanks and enjoy your beautiful noir!