Noir Mahina XL or Black Denim XL????


Lg Blk bag for summer, Mahina XL Blk Denim or Leather?

  1. Mahina Denim XL

  2. Mahina XL Noir leather

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  1. I want a super casual large summer black bag and have narrowed it down to two choices ladies:
    1) Black Denim XL
    2) Noir Mahina XL

    Just so you have a feel for my exisitng handbag wardrobe, I live in Arizona, already have a chanel GST in Black and the new chanel n/s lady braid tote, so I am not lacking for large black bags, just one that works for summer and is easy breezy beautiful when it' s 115 degrees here! Help and TIA! I have the Mahina XL in Gris and I AM IN LOVE! It doesn't screem the logo, it's quietly elegant Louis Vuitton!
    BTW, I have a 3 yr old and am a busy stay at home mom who volunteers so it has to be durable, and I don't know how the denim wears?
  2. I say the leather Mahina...I don't like the denim at all!
  3. leather mahina...
  4. Mahina Noir Leather XL for me too!
  5. I think the leather looks classier!
  6. leather trumps denim, no matter which bag it is!
  7. Leather!! The Denim does NOT do it at ALL for me...
  8. I agree w/all above - the noir leather is just gorgeous!
  9. Trish i thought you already had a gris mahina?
  10. iluvbags, I do:yes: have the XL in Gris and I LOVE it so much, it is the perfect slouchy dressy casual bag for me so I want one in black too! I am starting to prefer bags where less is more KWIM?? But my SA just told me today when I called about the black leather Mahina that in March (either the 1st or 15th is the drop date for new bags) there will be a new Mahina XL color, kind of a bronzey brown....
  11. btw, saw your avatar, how do you like your Stepehn bag? there have been several mono stephens on eBay lately that have caught my eye!

    i also saw on your signature that you yearn for a brown caviar jumbo flap - MEEEE TOOOO! :drool:
  12. Agree with the other posters leather over denim. But if bag is coming out in a bronze/brown leather and you live in warm climate and have black bags...I would go with the bronze when it comes out

  13. Your thread is especially of interest to me!! I have an XL noir, AND a 3 yr old (+a 1.5 yr old too). I love my Noir, and am contemplating a Denim as well, like you, to be more casual. I've tried it in person, and LOVED it. It'll just be a matter of time for me, esp. since the price increase which kinda ticked me off.
    So since u already have a leather, a denim might be nice for summer. And def.casual.
    Please LMK what you decide!!!!

    BTW, the March drop date is for a new Mahina XL leather colour?

    I have a feeling it's going to be an expensive 2008 for me. I'm ADDICTED to the XL.
  14. Well, I usually prefer the leather version, but you said casual, so I voted Denim!! And the denim wears really well, no worries for the durability! Plus, its nice to have a little diversity since you already have a leather one ;)
  15. I have 2 denim bags and LOVE them!!! I have the black neo cabby and the patchwork speedy. I love them in summer especially!! I'm in Vegas where it's hot, too!!