Noir (Black?) First VS. City

  1. I am a very new balenciaga bag forum member and am looking to get my first bbag. I was considering getting a Noir City bag but then after reading about all of the fading issues plus the fact that I wanted a bag that I could take out at night also, I decided that maybe the Noir First bag would be better. Are there any owners of the Noir (I'm guessing this is the black color..) First bag out there? Any complaints/suggestions about these two bags??? Thanks in advance to everyone for the help!!!
  2. The First is a great bag if you don't carry a lot of big stuff. I use it as a daytime bag quite often, but you can't really fit magazines or large books in it, just lots of smaller things. So, if that works for you, I would definitely recommend a black First--it's great for nighttime, not too heavy, and so cute too! Either way, I think the fading issues are on some of the newer bags, so maybe look into purchasing an older, preloved bag? The leather on my black 05 first is jet black and extremely soft. hope that helps!
  3. I have older and newer black bbags, and I have not had any fading issues. I LOVE the first style. It can go from day to night. I feel like the city is too big for a going-out bag (my opinion). Go with the first! It holds a good amount of stuff (more than it looks like it can hold, I think).
  4. In regards to fading issues, where could I find an 05 first? These are usually more expensive and harder to find right? :confused1: Are the F/W 07 Black Firsts having fading issues?
  5. I have an 05 black city. I love it to death. It's not too small, not too big - perfect for pretty much all occasions. The first is very small, IMO, for the price tag. 05 seems to be a good season. My bbag is going on 3 years old and is pristine. Still black as black can be, perfectly in-tact, black tassles - fabulosity.

    Pic for ya :heart:
  6. ^oooh beautiful smooshy o5 city, Livin!

    I have 3 cities and 1 first and i get ALOT more use out of my cities than i do my first. i used my first today, though, and realized how easy it is to carry around - but overall i would rec' a city before i'd rec a first (like livin' said - it IS alot of $$ considering how small the bag is.. and it is quite small IRL).
  7. The only thing about buying the city is that I really want a bag that is small enough to wear out at night also, not an incredibly huge bag (Which I have TONS of huge daytime purses...) too add to the daytime collection. Which was why I am leaning towards a First... Is a city too big to use as a night time bag??? Plus I was worried about getting a city due to all of the black leather fading to green issues that I have been hearing about the City bag and not the First.
  8. ^^ the fading is due to the quality of the leather. It has nothing to do with the size of the bag. A black city, work, first, box, weekender, etc - if all made from the same vulerable leather they'll all fade. It depends on the season, nature of the leather, and I guess luck with the newer bags.
  9. IMHO, the first if for you.

    The city is a bit too roomy even for my daytime needs. I find lots of room left even after I put in my agenda, cellphone, keys, wallet, digital camera and cosmetics pouch. The city is great for day time though, don't get me wrong, I just don't carry that much around. I prefer to carry light otherwise I get really annoyed.

    The first is perfect as a nightime bag and for me, even a daytime bag. I put in all of the above mentioned items and they fit perfectly and the bag retains its beautiful shape.
  10. have you thought about a twiggy? it is bigger than the first, but smaller than the city. it was my first bbag and it serves day and night purposes well. just a suggestion :smile:
  11. I love the city for an everyday bag ... perfect size imo, but if you don't carry a lot, then the first is cute too!
  12. the city is perfect for everyday use, but if you're gonna use it for night's out, you may as well gor the first!!!!!

    good luck deciding.
  13. Thanks for all of the advice!! I went to NM yesterday and looked at the Firsts and Citys.. I decided that the First is a little bit too small for only $300 less and bought a Black City. Has anyone heard of fading issues with the F/W City 2007 bags? If this happens, you can usually take it back and they will give you a new one, right?? Oh also, I noticed a lot of people talked about conditioning their leather to keep it darker and softer... where can I get this magic conditioner that everyone keeps talking about?! I'll post pictures of the City later on tonight... :smile: