1. Ok I think I really want a Noe-I like their casual style :lol:

    Should I get a normal size or petit?

    I am looking at the petit in brown and normal size in red (from an MPRS)....I think the bigger size would suit me but I am worried that red is harder to wear....

    How much stuff could I fit in the petit noe vs the noe?

    Cheers :L:
  2. Sounds like a perfect question for Irene. ;)

    I don't have one, but I find the normal one extremely large - it's quite the bag !
  3. since i just bought a mini noe..i'm gonna sound a bit biased...i think the mini noe is the largest out of the noes i can carry...i think the petit noe looks too big on 5' 3" though..
  4. I prefer petit holds tons!!

    It can be casual or dress up bag..I have black one....

    Yes Irene is the biggest Noe's fan
  5. Over here, over here!!! The biggest Noe lover in the universe!!!:lol:

    I had two Petit Noes prior to getting a regular Noe last week!!! Can I just say that I LOVE the regular size MUCH better than the petit!!!:nuts: I am 5'8" so I think regular size suits me more than petit.
    I wouldn't worry about matching red. It's a great color that I find goes with a lot of things plus it's a really sexy shade of red too!:graucho:
  6. I'm 5'4 and I owned a mono Noe. It was the perfect size for me as it fit everything I needed - my wallet, camera bag, pochette and a magazine. The handles are suprisingly stron and I never feared it snapping.
  7. Thanks :L:

    Hmmm I may go with the red one seeing as I would actually like a bag I can fit extras in like my water bottle, some papers etc.

    I work at a uni so am always carrying extra stuff like books etc....

    I can always get a petit later :yes:
  8. Ok I am en eeediot :shame: they are both petit noes-I don't where i got bigger size from, possibly another ebay listing.

    Anyway which colour would you go for brown or red?
  9. I can vouch for the petit's amazing capacity- when I sold my aunt's, I was able to fit an entire Queen bedsheet set inside!
  10. By brown you mean mono canvas?
  11. RED! I recently got a red epi petit noe and I LOOOOOVE it the color is really awesome! I think that red can be more of a neutral color, so it can definitely go with a lot of outfits...oh I just love the red!
  12. no brown epi-says its a discontinued color??
  13. I think I would still go with red.:yes:
  14. Ok think you have swayed me on the red-I don't have any red bags :graucho:
  15. i'm 5'4" and my mono petit noe is the perfect size for me.