Noe's Collection sans a few

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  1. OMG I am calling to get my name on the list tomorrow LOL Do we know when they will be here?
  2. Since april of 2008 :yes:
  3. The top picture is super cute - I love how they're in a circle
  4. Tortoise VP's are here! Do you think I have over hang?



  5. Okay 2 more!

    Black kid Rolando

    Fuxia C'est Moi

  6. Congrats Noe! Didn't realize you had finally gotten your Rolandos. I know you have been wanting them for a while!
  7. Congrats Noe! They are gorgeous and were such great buys! I can't wait to see the loot next week...wink wink!
  8. I love them all!! I really want the C'est Moi to look like that on my ankles. Damn skinny ankles!

    I looove the Rolando's on you! So sexy!
  9. Thanks ladies...

    Jimmy are you calling my ankles fat :P just kidding thank you... I was so on the fence about then when seeing a picture but putting them on made all the difference!

    Asha~ Thanks! I can't wait either!!!! woo hoo lol

    Fmd~ Thank you... I despirately wanted them and now that they are here oh I love them!
  10. I want your glitters!!! soooo pretty