Noe's Collection sans a few

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  1. I have actually had nude VP and NP lol but the pinkish nude doesn't work for me... I am thinking maybe camel is better for me... I wonder which one you are talking about... I am getting camel decollete's but would like to have a peep toe version... I wonder if the ivory they are coming out with will be better?

    Yes the babels sold on ebay... I have an alternative coming ;)
  2. Love your collection Noe! Very well rounded but I love the color you have!
  3. Pretty Pretty!
    I need to go a group shot soon!
    I love them all!
  4. Very nice collection. :tup:
  5. Thanks ladies... I love them!
  6. Noe--I love your collection! I can't wait to see what boot *alternate* is on its way to you!!!!
  7. Lovely collection! I especially love both Decolletes.
  8. Yeah, I put nude in quotation marks because I meant your nude, not a pinkish nude. The yoyos I saw were a pretty camel color that I think would look nude on you. Someone just bought them, I don't know why I can't think of the person right now! Maybe it's a new member.
  9. ^^^Thanks! I think you are right about finding a good neutral for my skin! Hmm well I think we need to find me some because I am dying for a peep toe "nude" I wish that new Yop would come in camel! I thought about the open clic in camel but I am on the fence...Keep an eye out for me... oh and you know I am ALWAYS drooling over your mads!
  10. Noe - thanks for posting! So sorry the Babel's didn't work out for you! I recall over a year ago when you wanted the Bourges so much.

    Can't wait to see what is next.
  11. Gorgeous collection Noe! Nice areial group shot! I love your Lady Gres!
  12. Oh Noe!! What a blast of colors!! Love them all!! How long you have been collecting? or obsessed?
  13. #43 Jan 12, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2009
    Gorgeous Noe! Your collection is beautiful.

    The yopi is coming in camel patent; CL Horatio is the only boutique getting them.
  14. yay i can see them wowwwww
  15. Noe, Beautiful collection!!!! I especially love your LG and both pairs of your Decolletes.