Noe's Collection sans a few

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  1. where are the simples? I see teal... you're getting the black patent and camel decollet's right?
  2. Noe, your collection is sweet! I like the photo of all of your shoes in a circle, how inventive!
  3. I can see them now! Great collection, Noe! I love the Decolletes! :heart:
  4. Love your collection!
  5. Love your pretty collection! Especialy those fuxia Decolletes :graucho:
  6. Lovely collection :smile:
  7. Gorgeous collection Noe!! ITA I see VP's in your future!!
  8. Noe! So gorgeous, all of them!!! I would kill for your Fuxia Decolletes
  9. Thanks Ladies... I love them all... just bought tortoise VP's ahhhhhhh

    I don't have any regular simples any more I sold them however I have teal and pewter New Simples
  10. :yahoo:for the VPs!
  11. Gorgeous collection! love those LG's!
  12. Gorgeous! Nice variety
  13. Very pretty!! I love the Teal Simples and Fuxia Decolletes!
  14. Great collection! I think you need to find a "nude" VP. Someone had a yoyo that looked like it could be your nude but I can't remember who.

    You sold your chocolate babels??? They were TDF with your neverfull! Did I miss that fleabay listing?
  15. Great pics and collection. I so want the pink decolletes now that I have seen yours. Love the teal new simples also.