Noe's Collection sans a few

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  1. Since I was feeling like trying on all of my babies LOL I decided to do a group shot...

    I am however missing a few including Tiger NP, Black patent Horatio sling and Pink Horasling(now being dyed navy) They are all at the cobbler having 1 thing or another done to them...

    I have sold several pair in the last 2 weeks due to either comfort or ill fit.



    Teal New Simple

    Multi color Glitter NP with gold toe and heel

    Black satin Decollete
  2. nice....

    why do I think you had boots (other than the babels) or booties..
  3. Pewter New Simple

    Brown Kid Veee

    Python Oh my Sling

    Fuxia 100mm Suede Decollete

    Taupe Lizard Sling

    Petwer Lady Gres

    Sooo what do you think is on my to get list?
    A VP
  4. Hmm not sure... I was gonna get the ornirons at sale if could find them... not a bootie person really but I liked the pleats in them lol
  5. Really nice, Noe!! I love the taupe lizard slings a lot.
  6. noe, i LOVE your collection, especially the teal new simples and the fuxia suede decolletes. you have a perfect combination of style and color with your CLs. :tup::tup:
  7. Love the python Oh My Slings...and the Decolletes :drool: Beautiful!
  8. i cant see the pics :sad:
  9. I can't see any pics either! :sad:
  10. No pix for me either! :sad:
  11. Noe, did you move photos around in your Photobucket album? I'm only seeing half your images now...
  12. Something wrong with your photobucket images.
  13. hmmm let me see whats going on...
  14. Ok, now I can see them all!
  15. Okay good... i did transfer a few! whew glad that worked!