Noegirl05~A Collection~For the love of Shoes!

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  1. Okay ladies... as many of you know I have just about 8 weeks until my second baby girl arrives! I have done so well this pregnancy and until recently didn't buy CL's(I did buy other things though lol)

    I am pretty much happy with what I have and am looking to add a few staples and colors in the future but am keeping what I have... I must warn that I am missing a few pair... most at my grandmothers house~seems I leave a pair at every holiday lol

    So here goes! I hope you enjoy!

    Tortoise VP~ I simply love these!


    Teal New Simple~One of my favorite styles(I have 3 pair)


    I have wanted these forever... I finally got them 2 weeks ago at a steal!!!

    Pewter New Simple!

    Lizard Sling~Used to be ring lizard had a terrible stain and dyed them black this is my most used pair especially for work!
  2. Navy Velvet Biba

    Black kid VP w/ burgundy patent toe

    Kelly Green Suede Madam Claude

    Glitter N. Prive with gold Speccio Heel

    Brown Alta Arialle Boots
  3. NOE!!!!!! :dothewave:

    I am so excited for your collection thread... your Python are fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing Mommy!
  4. yay noe!!! :hugs:
  5. This is what the world has been missing...a collection thread for Noegirl!!! Fabulous!
  6. Bronze Paillette VP w/ green satin toe

    Black Kid Bourge

    Pewter Lady Gres

    Black Patent Decollete

    Brown Kid Vee(My very first Pair!!!)

  7. stunning!
  8. :woohoo:
  9. Yay!!! Finally!! I love them!!

    My favs are the python VPs!!! But, wait... Bronze paillette's with a green toe?? Close up pics please!!
  10. Jimmy~ I will get you more pics soon! They were exclusive to BG and are fabulous!!!!
  11. Gorgeous collection, Noe! :sweatdrop:
  12. lovely collection, noe! especially love the pewter new simples! (new simples are probably my favorite style)
  13. I love them all ! Amazing and classic. Timeless !
  14. Thanks for sharing your collection Noe! Very classic styles for a classy lady.
  15. Such a classy collection Noe :biggrin: Your python VPs are TDF but I have a such a soft spot for those Bibas ;)