1. Questions about wearing this bag.

    The petite noe, After seeing ~Irene~ with this bag its starting to grow on me. I like the handheld mini noe(tho not on Elux anymore)I'd have to call and see if you are still able to get it. I am looking at maybe getting a used one.. I like shoulder bag more so when shopping with the kids, Question is how much will it hold? More/same as the piano/p haut/speedy 25 or perhaps the 30.

    I tend to carry a lot of stuff and more so when shopping I get hubbies keys and wallet/cell too. Are there any pic's with this bag loaded up.. and is it an easy bag to carry ?

  2. Here is a pic of my Noe with some stuff in it:
    Just to give you an idea: LV wallet with zip pocket, cigs, car keys, cles, hand cream, sunglasses case, gum, hand sanitizer, 5 DVDs, phone and some small junk and as you can see there is lots of room left. I would say it will hold almost as much as speedy 30 AND you have the convenience of a shoulder strap. The bag is REALLY roomy and I usually keep the drawstrings tied like this:
    so I can put stuff in and get stuff out quickly. The bag is very easy to carry IMO. Because there is only one strap it tends to stay on your shoulder (when I carry my Cabas Alto one of the straps often falls off your shoulder).
    I think to get it used is a great idea! You can get them in a really great shape/condition on eBay for almost half the price!!!
    I hope this helps!:biggrin:
  3. Wow you're fast girl. thanks for posting pic's.

    I have my eye on a used one(ebay) and you're right, I think it would be a good way of finding out if i like the bag or not before spending $$ on a new one. I guess there is always a need/call for used bags right.

    thanks again.
  4. I LOVE the Noe. I don't know why it's not that popular. It's such a classy, casual bag.
  5. Thats Irene
  6. I agree, I love it too.