1. Rarely see any posts about the Noe or Petite Noe. It just seems to be out of favor (?) Any one got one or any opinions?
  2. The drawstring top is just not one of my favourite types of closures. It also vaguely reminds me of a mini laundry bag.. just not really a fan ! :shame:
  3. well...the mc noe is cute...

    I guess I'm not into the Noe much...the Noe itself is HUGE, and I'm not crazy about the shape of the Petit.
  4. I would like the Petit Noe if it wasn't for that stupid string closure that Ayla was talking about. That's a little to annoying for my taste. I prefer low maitenance bags.
  5. It Was Such A Hot Style Late 80's-Early/Mid 90's (Though It Is A Classic!).....I Believe It's All Personal Preference!
  6. I love the style. You just throw things in and go. If you leave the drawstring a little loose, it's very easy to get in and out of.
  7. I have the MultiC Noe and love it.

    I am not a Noe fan but the MCN is a beauty!

    I bought an extra drawstring just in case!

    I can always post pics to show you if interested.....:love:
  8. i'd like the mini noe (the handhled one)
    It think it would a cute everyday bag.
  9. That is really funny, I never thought of it that way but now that's what will always come to mind.

    I'm a fan of the casual feel of the Noe.
  10. I love the mini Noe too. :love: Does anyone know how much it is? I never see it on eluxury.
  11. I have a black Epi Noe - it's the older version with the stiff leather. I actually still use it occasionally. The key to that bag is to tie it loosely instead of pulling the drawstrings all the way. I think it looks good casual with jeans and a tshirt.
  12. The monogram petit noe is $655 and the epi petit noe is $890. I think they are both on Elux right now...
  13. I have the big Noe in monogram canvas.It is a great bag.I left the drawstring loose and just carried it open.Love it.the patina is really dark.The only bad thing is that it doesn't close.It holds alot.
  14. Thanks Fopduck. Your black Epi sounds pretty. I love Epi Noes. :biggrin:
    I was wondering about the mini which is smaller than the petite. I think it was around $500 something before the price hike but I can't remember. :shame: I saw one at the SF store a while back and it was so cute. :love:
  15. I love my epi petit noe, the drawstring doesn't bother me at all, it's the same as having to zip up a bag every time or having to close it with the magnetic buttons or buckles. Honestly, my epi speedy bothers me more to open and close it every time (and my hand gets scratched up by the zipper). The petit noe fits so much, sometimes I don't even close it up when it's full or as the others said, just losely tie it up will do.