Noe vachetta

  1. Hello has anyone got the noe vachetta replaced??
    I am talking about the large noe
    how much do u think it would cost in an average?
  2. I don't have Noe yet. But I did have a SO Alma in Vachetta and the front planel with the diamond cost me $340.00 to replace.
  3. which one is the diamond?
  4. Sorry... the diamond is the LV stamp on the front of the bag.
  5. somebody knows ?? help out there??
  6. Are you talking about the regular monogram noe? Or an SO noe?

    I've never done this before, but I'm estimating to get the entire vachetta replaced on the Monogram might cost about $500 (!). I wouldn't recommend're better off getting a brand new Noe or an excellent used one at the price of those repairs.
  7. wow 500 is a lot :S
    thanks for the info
    yes I meant the large monogram Noe
  8. i inquired about replacing all the vachetta on a mono petit noe in the summer and they told me it was about $670 CDN and a new one was only around $700 something. there's so much vachetta on that bag (straps, piping, bottom, etc). needless to say, i never did it. hope this helps!
  9. Has anyone gotten the vachetta replaced on their petit noe recently? I know this is a really old thread but I'm hoping someone reads it! I dont want to replace the bottom just the sides and the strap. Thanks!
  10. I would think about maybe half the cost of the bag-- maybe 300 or 400 dollars for the strap and side leather strips. I would personally just sell yours to fund a new one if it's half the cost---you're getting a brand new clean bag with matching vachetta. I could be mistaken though--call LV or ask an SA--they have a price list for repairs. My SA had a big binder she pulled out when I asked about a new strap for my Galliera.
  11. Thanks! I'll give them a call tomorrow :smile: It's actually a preloved bag and it cost less than 200 about a year ago so Im thinking if its only 300$ to replace the vachetta it might be worth it. I'd still be saving about 325$.
  12. To replace *just* the bottom, it is $306.00. When they added up all the costs to replace the vachetta on my MC petit noe, it was more expensive than buying a brand new one.
  13. does anyone know how much a Noe drawstring costs?
  14. i replaced one on my epi petit noe back in september, and it was $39 USD.
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    Sorry to revive an old thread but I did a search and found this thread.

    I'm looking into buying a Petit Noe preloved because I'm young and work a minimum wage part-time job, so buying brand new is not an option right now. I've noticed many preloved Noe's have water stains on the bottom, so I was wondering if anyone knows how much it is to just have the bottom replaced?

    I quoted the post above, not sure if this is still the correct price.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me out! :heart: