Noe style, does it "soften" in any style

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  1. Hi, I was wondering who had a noe out there.
    I have an Epi, and it is very stiff.
    Does the mono get like softer I wonder?
    or even the Azur Noe (even though I don't know if anyone's had theirs long enough yet)
  2. I absolutely hate how stiffy the Epi ones are (I don't even want to tell you how it becomes during the Canadian winter ...:crybaby:) I think the Mono is softer.
  3. interesting point with the weather.
    I bought my epi noe in madarine just for the spring summer.
    Yeah, everyone make note = Epi is stiff in the canadian winter! And other cold places.
  4. That's one of the reasons why I got the mini lin noe -- because it is so soft and slouchy to begin with!

    Interesting tidbit about how cold weather affects your bag!
  5. i have the large mono noe, and it's pretty soft (as in, not stiff), but not too soft to the point that if you put it down, the top half of the bag slouches over the bottom half, you know?
  6. Monogram canvs (or any coated canvas for that matter) becomes awfully stiff in the norwegian winter (about -0 -10 C) I don't really think it's good for the coating to be out in such temperatures...
  7. I had e petit Epi Noé in red and also the Mono petit Noé. The Epi was very stiff, but the Mono petit Noé is a "saggy" bag if you have a lot of stuff in it. Thats why i made both bags to EBAY, and i'll never have e petit Noé no more.:sad: Maybe the Noé (large) is better??:confused1:
  8. Had a petit noe and it was soft :smile:
  9. ive got a vintage petite noe and i would have said shes a little soft and only 12 years old. Its clear shes been used everyday and shes quite stiff still :yes:

    hope that helps!
  10. I have a mono noe- it's a more vintage bag & I think it's just right. Soft enough, easy to sling over my shoulder & carry & a very dark patina so I don't mind hauling it around in the hot sun.
  11. I got the red epi petit noe for Christmas and it's pretty stiff. I don't use it a lot, so maybe the more we carry them the more supple they will become. The thing that really bugs me is how stiff the drawstring is. When I tie it, the ends of the string poke out and look weird.
  12. I have a monogram noe and a damier azur noe. They are both pretty soft and cushy. My azur is pretty new, but my monogram is about three years old. I don't really think they soften up with time, that is not something that I have noticed. I can't say that I have ever though of them as stiff. Oh, but how I love them both.:heart:
  13. Is it really that stiff? I have been wanting a epi petit noe in red for ages and I actually might have the chance to get it next month. :wlae:(my local store doesn't have it)
    Now I am a bit worried :sweatdrop:
  14. I have a mono regular noe and mono petit noe. Both I got second hand (as I was unsure about new vachetta and whether or not I'd like noes) and both are pretty soft to me. I'm sure if I bought brand new at the boutique, it wouldn't have the same stiffness like epi (I've owned a couple brand new, so I know what new coated canvas is like).
  15. My mono petite noe is much softer than my epi. I definitely prefer the softness of the mono. My epi is 12 years old and is still really stiff.