Noe Speedy and

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  1. denim line, Who has been using their bag regularly ?
    I have used mine 2 maybe 3 times, i'm just scared to use it. I have sprayed the handles with wilson spray but i'm just worried about the bag looking used ?

    Has anyone seen a denim with darkened patina?
  2. I have a baggy GM and mine has a darker patina to it ...I think it adds character/signature to your bag.
  3. Could you post a picture of your lovely bag?
    I have been watching ebay hoping to see a dark patina one and no luck the bag is too new i guess.

  4. I used my Neo Speedy all of last summer! I think it's a perfect summer bag! Goes great with white!!!:love:
  5. I would but I don't know how to post photos on here:shame:
  6. i've seen a pic of your bag it doesnt look very dark at all .

  7. i'm so dumb :weird:...i read this whole thread as NOE SPEEDY and couldn't understand why people were talking about denim and i couldn't figure out if that was a new line or something...then i re-read it and the little light bulb :idea: in my brain clicked on...
  8. LOL sorry

  9. My every day bag right now is a Denim Baggy GM. I have been carrying it since November, and it really looks great! The leather has a gorgeous patina right now. I used Shining Monkey fabric protector spray on it when I got it (it's actually made for car tops, but it is a great secret weapon). I resprayed it last month. The patina is even with no water spots and the denim has stayed really clean!

    I think the Denim bags hold up very, very well.
  10. Do you only apply this Shining Monkey fabric to the fabric and spray the strap with something else? Wehre can that shining monkey be purchased ?
    Do you have to treat the denim or is that just to avoid stains?

    thank you for your post.

  11. I use the shining monkey spray on the leather and on the fabric. It is a strong water repellant and it dries quickly so no spotting on the leather. I really prefer it to Appleguard because the appleguard is so greasy and can go on unevenly. The Shining monkey isn't greasy at all.

    Here's the site I get it from I buy the fabric protector.
  12. Thank you, i'm going to check that site and look into getting some.

    Do you know of this can be purchase anywhere aside from the website ?

  13. I don't think so... I know they take paypal on that site. I prefer using paypal to giving out my credit card number. I don't think it is in any stores, though.
  14. thank you.


  15. Thank you, caannie, for posting this!:biggrin: I purchased a bottle of Shining Monkey Fabric Protector and was afraid to spray and ruin my new Speedy 25. Now I’m going to spray it with no fear!:lol: :lol: :lol: