noe question..

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  1. can you wear the large size messanger style? Also, do you like the large one or the petite better??? I'm 5-8, dont know if the smaller one will look silly. TIA
  2. I think if you are petite you can wear the larger size messenger, but you'd have to be very small. the smaller noe would look fine on your height, I used to have one and I'm almost the same height as you are.
  3. Hmm...I can't wear the large noe messenger style (I'm 5'4" btw).
  4. I love both bags and I also have been debating which to get. At 5'2" I'm leaning toward the petite, but if i was 5'8" like you I would defintitely go for the full size. Either is a great bag!
  5. I'm 5'6" and the petit is a fine size for me.
  6. You may have to buy another strap to use the Noe as a messenger style bag across your body. There's a mono adjustable strap that you can purchase separately. I was just looking at the Petit and to me that was plenty big to hold all of my accessory cases (about 4 or 5). I'm 5"3. I think the large Noe is nice but seems more like a tote bag - you can carry large notebooks, jackets, etc. in it. Another TPFer had a Noe with pictures showing how large the Noe was. Check the Noe club in the Clubhouse section.
  7. I am 5'8" as well and have both, petit and regular noe. I can't wear either messenger style. LOVE them both so I am no help to you!:shame: I must say that petit noe fits quite a bit and feels great on my frame but so does the regular noe. I would advise you to try them on for size at the store to see which one you feel the most comfortable with.