Noe question

  1. hope this is in the right place, if not please move.

    i'm looking at getting an azur noe and had a couple of question for those who already have one. the one thing i'm worried about is the drawstring, if it gets messed up because of use, does lv sell just the drawstring? also, do you think it would look too big on a 5'2" person, that's how tall i am? tia
  2. Yes, the drawstring is a stock replacement item.....I needed one 2 years ago for my montsouris backpack, and it was $28 then....I'm sure its more now...
    The Noé is a generous sized bag, the straps do adjust, but if I were you I would go to the boutique to try this one on, as some prefer the petite (but just so you know, the Azur doesn't come in petite...). You may be ok with the Azur, if you don't mind it's bulkiness. I love mine.
  3. I would wear a noe and I am only 5'2" It is a great bag!