Noe question?

  1. I had an epi petit noe, but it has since gone to a new home. I found it was just a bit too small, or crowded with all my stuff and my toddler's things in it. I was considering the mono regular noe and was wondering what you all thought about the size. I think it would be great when I'm carrying all my stuff and DD's around, but is it too big to carry around when I just have my things? Would I look like I'm carrying around a giant piece of luggage? Thanks for your opinions!
  2. I have both the regular and petit mono noe. I don't think the size of the mono noe looks HUGE on me (I'm 5'4"), but I don't really use it that much because it's too big for me to use everyday (I mainly use it for travel or shopping days). It will definitely carry your stuff and DD's stuff. :yes: The good thing about the noe is that you can carry a bunch of items (due to the fact that it's unstructured and has a lot of width) while at the same time make the bag look "smaller" by closing the drawstring top.

    The only drawback about the Noe is that it's easy to lose your things inside. I use a pochette accessories and attach it to the interior D-ring. You can also use a large purseket! Hope that helps.
  3. I love my Noé. It's the larger size, and if you use a purseket, everything stays organized and its soooooo roomy!!!
  4. I'd go with the larger one, especially if you have kids and carry their stuff.
  5. I would also recommend buying a Purseket for your Noe. or you can find pursekets on eBay.
  6. I had a noe
    and it looks great with a lot of stuff or almost empty :tup:
  7. Oh, I have an Epi Petit Noe and I love her! I love the styling of this bag and can't imagine an LV collection without please add one back in!
  8. Thanks for the enabling! I'm a bit taller than 5'4, so good to know it won't look huge. And I'm glad it's fine empty or full. Those were my major concerns. I'll have to go try it out at the store and see!
  9. I agree! If you like the shape, then get the bigger one!