NOE owners !!!

  1. Hey for the noe owners and those who knows :smile: which strap is for the noe ??? I am asking this because the rings where the noe strap (the samll strap) goes are quite thick
    which one do u use to wear it across the body?? and do u know prices?
  2. someone here???
  3. I don't understand the question?! The Noe comes with one strap that is adjustable. Sorry!
  4. Yeah..I am kinda confuse too..please elaborate dear..
  5. hehehe sorry ladies
    :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
    my question is which strap fits the noe rings (the ones on the sides) to wear the noe across the body ??
  6. There is no strap to wear it across the body.
  7. ^that's what I thought, too.

    Since there are 2 rings on the noe, you can attach any strap...but I don't know if they're sturdy enough to carry the bag (since most of the straps that LV makes are rather skinny).
  8. Hi, just set-up like this ( pic )
    Yellow Noe ( linning ).JPG
  9. Since the Noe's strap is removable, you could unhook it and latch a longer vachetta strap on it- I think this is the one people use on Keepalls without straps:

    eLUXURY - null - null=
  10. ^ is that a long strap???

    there has to be one there :sad:

  11. that is the one I was thinking tnx darling but the question is are the clasps of that big enough for the thickness of the rings of the noe??
  12. sure it's big can use that instead of noe strap..
  13. I think it's a bad idea since this bag was not meant to rotate on the rings. It in fact will over time break. I had a similar incident with a purse not meant to be used with a bolt strap.

  14. that means I can't have my noe across the body ????????? :crybaby: :crybaby:
  15. You should go to the boutique and inquire. I'm sure LV will have thicker straps with sturdier hardware. The SA would make a better recommendation to accommodate the Noe. Or they may tell you it's not a very good idea.