Noe Owners...

  1. The new mini lin Noe is so :drool:!
    However, I do have a question, does the drawstring closure ever become a PITA? (pain in the a%%)

    Also, I have NO knowledge about Noes whatsoever. The Mini Lin Noe, is that the same size as the new ivoire Noe size, or is it the biggest size?

  2. for me, the drawstring is never really a pain, because i never draw it, because i have so much in it. however, i don't know about the size of the mini lin noe i haven't seen it in real life, yet.
  3. I don't know...I just got used to it. :shame: It really doesn't matter to me because I liken it to a zipper...

    The Mini Lin Noe is the largest size. :yes: I'd love to get it, too, but I find my regular Noe too big for me everyday. :sad:

    It really is TDF! :drool: :graucho:
  4. The largest size seems TOO large, I was hoping it'd be the petite!
  5. i really like it too and yes why cant LV make a petite noe in mini lin.
  6. I think a lot of people have wanted a petit version of the mini lin noe...that and the damier azur. :sweatdrop:
  7. i think the Noe would be too large for you, Karman. i'd wait for a petit noe in Mini Lin...hopefully, someday!
    we are discussing noes/petit noes and there are pics in ichelle's thread ....check it out!
  8. I was thinking, who's Mick? :confused1: It seems that you haven't been around for ages!
    Well, seeing one of Irene's old Noe pics...yeah it IS really big!!! I can probably stuff food in there to fill up the rest of the empty space...but...meh.
    This summer, I definitely want to consider getting something in the Ebene Mini Lin...I like the Bucket but no closed top, that may be a problem.
    Besides that, I wish they'd make the Speedy 25 in Mini Lin! :hysteric:
  9. i dont think the noe would be that much of a hassle.. just keep it loose!
  10. Petit Noe is the perfect size for a shoulder bag. I love the Mini Lin and it's still on my wishlist. I don't think they will make the Minl Lin in the petite size.
  11. Karman, I think the mini lin bucket will be perfect for you. It's not huge like the Noe, and I never found the open-top to be too much of a problem (just use a small wallet/cles for the zipped compartment)....

    Now that you mention it, I do miss my petit bucket (I sold it because I have too many bags...and I need a new computer...:crybaby:).
  12. I love the petite noe - just got one. I threaded my strings back through the rivets (like I saw someone else do - -then I just pull on them - shuts up nicely and I don't have to tie it - It's a really fun back for just out and about.