Noe owners: opening...

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  1. I was just wondering...

    I once bought a bag when I was a teen with that same opening "gathered"...and it was soooo frustrating getting into and out of that I swore I'd never buy another bag in that style again. LOL, and I haven't.

    But...I was curious....Doesn't the opening of the Noe get on your nerves when you need to get things out??? OR is there some trick I'm missing to make it easier????

  2. I don't find it annoying at all. In fact, I kinda like it. I don't have any tricks.
  3. I don't think the Noe was meant for everyone; I had reservations about this myself before I got the Noe. Now that I have it, it doesn't bother me at all (the size and her beauty make up for it!). Sorry, I don't have tricks, either.
  4. I had a petit noe awhile back and loved it had no problems with the opening it or closing it. It's also easier to open a zip shoulder bag compared to a hand held with a zip top you literally have to use both hands saddle the bag to zip it open and shut. There are different ways to tie a drawstring bag. Thanks to many kind attentive SAs at LV that had wonderful little tricks up their sleeves and showed me how to do it also.

    Thanks to all the PFers with their new Noe's. I'm planning on my next purchase of the classic large Noe. And will not have any problems with drawstring closure. I'm waiting anxiously to that day very soon.
  5. ooh that's a great trick
  6. ;) Thanks everyone for your input!! :yes:
  7. the noe was originally made to hold bottles so that should give you and idea!
  8. i also tried it...
    works well but I'm afraid that the strings would get worn
    or scratched faster because of the snugger fit in the rings...
  9. I was worried about the opening too, but now that I have it, it runs so smoothly I love it!