Noe Or Speedy????

  1. OK! Here goes...I was planning on getting the damier Azur next week but decided to purchase one of the bags on my wishlist instead....the question now is WHICH ONE?

    The MC NOE (Black) or the MC SPEEDY (BLACK)...I can only get one first:confused1: Thanks everyone...I need your help!!!
  2. MC Speedy!
  3. I am biased, because I hate the Noe, so I will say the Speedy.
  4. MC Noe!
  5. speedy!!!!!
  6. I love the Speedy...the drawstring on the Noe doesn't appeal to me.
  7. wow...almost everyone said speedy...I think they are both i am soo lost and :confused1:

    this is such a hard decision!!!
  8. !!!!!!!!!!!!white Mc Speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. hahaha I see your fan of the white mc!!! :graucho:
  10. Noe! It's so beautiful :heart:
  11. i think it's high time for a Noé resurgence :yes:
  12. I was leaning more towards the noe because I have not seen anyone carry it in the MC...I have the petite noe in mono and I see it often if not all the time....Thanks to all for your quick responses!
  13. black MC speedy :smile: but the black noe is also beautiful lolz
  14. speedy :yahoo:
  15. Speedy!